Bucket Issues - Permissions not remaining or appearing


I have created two buckets which I am trying to use to populate a time chart however the dashboard keeps saying the bucket is unavabile.

I have tried un-sharing and re-sharing the dashboard to add the bucket permissions but no permissions are added, I managed to get it working once by manually adding the permissions but it disappeared and went back to the unavailable error.

Any ideas?


You dont need to give permissions to setup a bucket into a dashboard, as admin you may see any dashboard with any bucket by default in your account, you need to give permission if you share the dashboard, is this the situation?

The buckets are not available in my dashboard, it seems to work only intermittently and keeps breaking.


When you share a dashboard, it generates a token that grants access just to that particular dashboard, you need to set the tokens permissions to grant the access to the needed buckets, that’s why you see the “Buckets not available” message.

Hope this helps.