Bucket error Bucket '01'is not available

Hello from France

My dashboard was working fine
but after deleting data in my bucket I have the message
could you help me to solve this problem


I use to see this behaviour when I have the thinger tab not in first place and I return to it, sometimes the browser show this message, after a refresh it works as usual.

Is this your case? or does the issue persist?

Hello and thank you for your answer.
The problem persists
the bucket saves the device data but the dashboard no longer seems to access the bucket
when I set the timeframe of the widget to “latest value”, the values are displayed gradually on the graph, but I can no longer display the history over several days because if I set the timeframe to relative I got the error message again and an empty graph

Hi @PierreYves ,

I’ve encountered this issue when the data in the bucket is not saved with one value per field but as an object. For example:

  • This does not work:
  • This works:

The fix would be to save the data in the bucket as in the second image.

Could this be your issue?



I don’t know how to modify the structure of my data
This data is sent by Sigfox and it had been working for several months
copy the settings of my device and bucket

Will take a look on int @PierreYves

Hi @PierreYves, we fixed it on version 4.5.1. Please, let us know if everything is working as expected.

Regarding your integration, I suggest you to store your data as @jaimebs commented. At this moment you are sending a payload inside a key named ‘datum’, which is unnecessary. If you post your Sigfox callback configuration we can help you. It will improve data readability in the bucket view, and will update your device location in the device section too.

Hi Alvarold
Le bucket est maintenenant accessible et les graphiques fonctionnent
Je vous joint mon callback SigFox afin que vous puissiez m’aider a l’optimiser pour une meilleur utilisation de Thinger.io
Merci beaucoup pour votre aide

Hi @PierreYves,

I see two things in your integration:

  • ‘datum’ key is not necessary and can be removed safely
  • You are sending number values as strings, and it is better to send it as numbers (without quotes)

Your body can look like:

    "Masse": {customData#Masse},
    "Temperature" : {customData#T_C},
    "Hygrometrie" : {customData#Hygro_}

Take a look at the documentation to see other examples:

Hi Alvarold
I made the changes you suggested.
It works
the disadvantage is that the bucket changes structure and that I can no longer display the history before modification but this new configuration seems simpler to me
thanks again

Glad you get it working!

In private instances it is possible to export the old data, modify the csv, and import the data again with the new structure. Unfortunately, this is not possible on community instances as it requires file storage feature.