Bucket data is not visible

Hello ,

I am using paid services of thinger.io .
My problem is that i am not able to see the data in bucket whereas data is loaded in to bucket
which can be verified by exporting bucket and dashboard from the bucket .
How to make bukcet data visible ( bukcet header are visible)

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your issue,

Are you say that you can’t see the data into bucket but you can see them exporting the bucket and at the dashboard?

Yes, Values are not visible in the bucket list , whereas dashboard/export is working.

login is : energydata@bvrit.ac.in
pswrd is 123$5678

Please help me .

hello Ega ,
any clue ?

Hello @abhaysv,

Taking a look to your bucket configuration, I can see that the data source configuration is set on “from write call”. This configuration must be used when your devices are programmed using a thing.stream_resource instruction, as you can check on this part of the documentation: http://docs.thinger.io/console/#data-buckets-create-bucket

To solve this problem you just have to change the configuration of the data source to “from device resource” and select a sampling interval. Or you can change your program to include the stream instruction but in this case be careful to include an algorithm that prevents this instruction from being executed permanently each loop

Hope it helps!

Hello Jtrinc26,
Thanks for your reply . I am using write bucket in my code.Which is almost same to below

void setup() {
  // define the resource with temperature and humidity
  thing["TempHum"] >> [](pson &out){ 
    out["temperature"] = dht.readTemperature();
    out["humidity"] = dht.readHumidity();

void loop() { 
  // handle connection
  // write to bucket BucketId the TempHum resource
  thing.write_bucket("BucketId", "TempHum");
  // sleep the device SLEEP_MS milliseconds

Share the code that you are working with, in a proper way, maybe you are missing something that there is causing the issue.

Hello @abhaysv,

As Ega tolds, it could be fine if you share the hole code. However, calling “write bucket” each loop is not the best idea, because the server is only going to get the data each 60s (30s in your case that have a maker account) and this is creating a lot of work and trafic in your processor.

So I recomend you includding a limitation algorithm as the one below or change the configuration to sampling interval from device resource.

void loop(){



finally, I’m seeing that you have written “BucketId” in your code, this instruction will only write data in a platform bucket with the ID=bucketId, be careful with that!!

check attached image it is blank , where as value are showing in dashbord

after changing resource name ( removing units)
i am getting data. STRANGE!!!

It is important to understand that the dashboard and the buckets are two different things, the fact that one is showing data does not mean that the other should also work, I don’t see anything strange in that.

Can you share your code, in the appropriate way (very important), to see what is going on?

I usually think this too, when I don’t know or don’t understand something in the right way.