AWS configaration with esp8266

hi ,
i configured AMIs in my aws account and interface work good.but how can connect my esp8266 device to this .please enplane configuration.

#define THINGER_SERVER “x.x.x.x” // ur server ip

open file named ThingerClient.h in thinger library using your favourite text editor. Those file usualy located in Arduino/libraries/thingerio/src and edit this line :

#define THINGER_SERVER “fill_your_AWS_server_name”

Save As, then exit.
Reopen your Arduino IDE or another IDE, then compile and flash it to your microcontroller.

Hope it helps.

It is better to use the solution provided by @Cessteel, so, you can define this line in your source code without modifying the original libraries (so, any further update will work as expected).