Automatically Creating Devices, Buckets & Dashboards


Does anyone know if there any way to automatically create Devices, Buckets and Dashboards when a device connects to for the 1st time?

I am looking at deploying a few 1000 devices and I do not want to create all of the devices/buckets and dashboards manually. I have considered using the device/bucket selection option in the Dashboard, which works great, but I need to display live data from a device as well as data from a bucket, but the device / bucket selection will not select both at the same time.

I am currently using ESP32 and PlatformIO IDE.

Any ideas?

Hello MarcosAustin902, You could take advantage of the API, with it you can create devices, databases, and dashboard… you could even update the properties of these masses…

Create the architecture of your solution from devices, cubes and dashboards, then learn to consume the API that is documented in (Swagger) or that you can see in the console of your browser by pressing Ctrl + F12… there you will see the requests and the content of each request that the Thinger client makes to create/configure the Devices/Buckets/Dashboards and finally program the logic from your preferred language so that it creates all the devices you want.

When you press Ctrl + F12 you should go to Network (Enclosed in Red in the following image)

You click on the request that interests you (in this case the one to create a device), you see the URL and the type of request that is made for the request of your interest

Finally you look at the body of the request and you just learned how thinger creates a new device on the server…

You will have to do the same with Buckets and Dashboards then you will have to implement it with code and some logic that can be written (Hence the importance of your architecture)