Are you currently maintaining the main site? Changes on dashboards get frequently lost

My changes on dashboards just get lost.
The screen shows all changes accurately and after a refresh everything is lost…

Hello @rin67630,

Yes, we are always improving our service. However, if you face any problem, it can be reported by providing a proper description of the issue and the configuration that is being used, the web browser and other situations data (screenshot 4 example) in order to help us to reproduce the situation and try to fix the problem.

Just to be sure, remember to click-off the dashboard edition switch before leaving the dashboard. This will save your configuration. And please remember that the real-time data that is being shown in a time series chart are stored in the browser caché, so it will never be saved if you are not using a data bucket.

Hope you find this information useful

Best regards

I got a bit closer to the above mentioned problem, that still happens:
It appears to happen whenever one edits the header of a dashboard AND then the widgets.
It seems that one should imperatively perform a page refresh after having changed data from the header before editing widgets.

Hi @rin67630

This makes more sense, especially if you change the parameter of the columns. Thanks for the additional information, I will try to reproduce the bug to inform the development team.