Are pushbuttons possible?

How can I add a momentary (pushbutton) switch?



Hi! Not at this moment! Will add it soon in the dashboard, as it is quite easy to implement!

Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Alvarol!

I would like to change the direction, so to push (or switch) a button that is connected to an Arduino pin and make this visible in the dashboard. I’m at the very begining of coding so let me dare to ask for a code snippet. Last night I’ve got poisoned with this IoT thing since I could see the temperature datas through ENC28J60 in the dasboard. It caused me goosebumps… :blush:

Wow, I’ve partially solved it:

thing["Switch"] >> [](pson& out){
    out["on"] = digitalRead(3);

Dashboard showing me 0 or 1!!! :smile_cat:
Now I’m trying to find out, how to send text - ON or OFF - to a Text value widget.