Arduino + Wifi - Shield socket problem

Hey guys,
tried to use a Arduino + Wifi to conect to the cloud. I used the script as it is shown in the documentation but i got the following socket problem:

[NETWORK] Starting connection…
[NETWORK] Connecting to network ArduinoTEST
[NETWORK] Connected to WiFi!
[NETWORK] Getting IP Address…
[NETWORK] Got IP Address:
[NETWORK] Connected!
[_SOCKET] Connecting to
[_SOCKET] Using secure TLS/SSL connection: no
[_SOCKET] Connecte
5- Q- QuoConnecting to
[_SOCKET] Using secure TLS/SSL connection: no

The script I used:


#include <SPI.h>
#include <WiFi.h>
#include <ThingerWifi.h>


#define SSID “ArduinoTEST”
#define SSID_PASSWORD “ArduinoPasswort”


void setup() {

// configure wifi network
thing.add_wifi(SSID, SSID_PASSWORD);


void loop() {


I think it might be a DNS problem because i tried multiple networks and other devices on this networks worked perfectly fine. I would be happy about any ideas or help.

We found out that the WiFi shield of our arduino had some unkown problems, so we tried it with an ethernet shield and everything was pefectly fine.

Hi @ipprdmt, take a look to this post, as we had also some problems with the Wifi shield, that were resolved using static memory allocation.

I think that you are missing the #define THINGER_USE_STATIC_MEMORY at the beginning.

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No doubt a few more niggles and problems will arise as people start to use the phones, so let us know if you’ve found anything specific you need help with.