Arduino Digital Input Read

Hello Community,

I am new and just started my first project with a “controllino maxi automation”.
I can already control a status LED on the Controllino over my browser with the ethernet example which is nice.

My goal is to read a machine status of several machines wether they are running or not and how many hours a day they run and to display it on a dashboard in a graph.

I only have to read the 24V signal - when it is high the machine is running. Do I handle it like sensor data?

#include <SPI.h>
#include <Controllino.h>

#include <ThingerEthernet.h>

#define USERNAME “***”
#define DEVICE_ID “***”


void setup() {
pinMode(1, INPUT);

thing[“machine”] >> digitalPin(1);


void loop() {

Thank you in advance
I guess that is actually pretty easy =D

Something like this should work

thing["machine"] >> outputValue(digitalRead(PIN));

Hope this helps.