Arduino Client Libraries 2.2.0

Date: 22 February 2016
Component: Arduino Library
Release Note: Added support for LinkIt ONE board. Added support for ENC28J60 ethernet module. Added ESP8266 Web based configuration. Improved ESP8266 SmartConfig code.
Additional Information

There is a preliminary support for the cheap ENC28J60. It is using right now the UIPEhternet library for interacting with the device using SPI. This device requires too much code for the whole TCP, UDP, and DNS stack, so at this moment it is not possible to use it with DHCP like the Arduino Ethernet. There is available also the EtherCard library, but it does not seem to be designed for long lived TCP connections. Anyway, this chip seems to be working great!

We are also introducing support for the LinkIt One board, that is a powerfull board with WiFi, GSM, GPS, and Bluetooth. Thanks @Fram_Mart for discovering us this nice board!

In this new version there is also a new way for configuring the ESP8266 devices, both in terms of WiFi SSID, and device credentials, so it is not required to set any of this parameters in the sketch. For this task we are using the WiFiManager library adapted for This way, when you connect to your device for the first time, it will show the config page for configure such parameters. This is so cool!

Hope you like the new supported boards and features!!