Apex chart scaling


I have a problem with Apex charts fetching data from a Bucket.
As seen in attachment Y-axis is scaled automatic with huge values not present in bucket.
Hovering the cursor over X-axis the right values from bucket are seen.

Thanks in advance.


the difference between values is too big! why you have such high temperatures? such temperatures cannot be reached even on nuclear fusion

Hi Alvaro.
I don’t have the huge temperature values i the associated bucket. I don’t know where Apex widget gets it from.
The problem occured with the last platform ipdate to v.4.00.

Best reguards

Hi @Torben_Hojholt, after some investigation we have noticed that the problem is in our end. It is plotting a timestamp, which is a huge number. Will be fixed today!

Hi Alvaro.
Thanks for the infomation.
I am glad You found out what caused the problem.
Best reguards

It should be working now! Please, let me know if everything is fine.

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Thanks Alvaro.
Apex chart is working nice and fine again.