Any progress about new widgets?

Currently is a choice of control widgets is extremely limited.
A widget to enter an analogue set point numerically and with increase/decrease arrows should IMHO not be missing.
Neutral widgets to enter / display Boolean variables with two configurable texts should also belong to a standard dashboard concept.
Vertical bar graphs (for e.g. tank levels) are missing as well…
I just wonder, if you have some plans to provide additional widgets.

Hi @rin67630,

thanks for your feedback. We are also concerned about dashboards functionality. In fact we are preparing a whole new charting library solving many of the current lacks, but it includes some work under the hoods, i.e., for storing different time series inside the same bucket. We are working on it now, so I hope we can provide an update soon.

Meanwhile, the control widges are easier to develop. Can you better describe your requirements, i.e., with picture or similar? Thanks!

Thank you, Alvaro, for replying.
if you want to enter the professional market, you need to provide some widgets that are common in the process control industry.

even if you do not want to go that far, I think some elementary widgets are bitterly missing:

  • Radio buttons ( one of n switch)
  • Vertical bar graphs customizable in color, thickness as value indicator with optional numerical value indication.
  • Vertical bar graphs customizable in color, thickness as value input with optional numerical value input and optional fast/slow up/down increment buttons.
  • Numerical inputs for analog values with optional fast/slow up/down increment buttons.
  • Boolean indicators switching two JPG pictures.
    and for every widget: the possibility to place it at any X/Y position in front of a background picture.
    Don’t hesitate to return to me if my statements are unclear.