Android App for Dashboard


I looked through the documentation and saw that the Android app still doesn’t have the option to import the Dashboards’ URLs and view their graphics. In’s Android app it is only possible to register devices, to send and receive data.

Does anyone develop any open source Android app to import dashboard URLs with QR Code and view dashboard graphics in the app?

Can you share the example?

Is the Android app expected to update in 2021 to allow the registration and viewing of Dashboards?
Lack of feature is a big shortcoming of the Android app.


Just use a browser…

In my opinion, in a smartphone context, using the browser is not the best approach, considering the integration that already exists in the app of being able to enroll devices.

In my view, it would only need, as a good solution:

  • Generate the QR CODE from the dashboard link (the QR code could be generated inside the platform or externally, through a QR CODE generator, since the interest is to easily obtain the URL).
  • Register the dashboard URL in the “Scanned” tab of the app
  • Open the Dashboard in the app using WebView (another hypothesis, although not ideal, would be to open the browser);

In other words, the simple option to store the dashboard URL in the app (using the QR CODE) would already provide a good user experience.
Otherwise, the user has to store the panel URL somewhere (whastapp, keep, evernote…) to access via smartphone.

As I am interested in using Clould for commercial purposes, I will have to find a solution to address this “deficiency” to ensure a better experience for consumers.
As I’m not a programmer, I’ll have to look for a solution, which could already be integrated into the app.

I just checked that this demand has been suggested since 2016.