Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa) Access?

What would be extremely useful is to generate a specific dashboard with a selection of data displayed on it that could be accessed via an Amazon Echo Dot.

Already I can control 4 relays by voice control using an esp8266 based WEMOS D1 board.+ relay board via Alexa.
The next step would be really cool… Alexa, “read Thinger data” and the data on your “Alexa” dashboard would be read out to you.

I understand Amazon do a free SDK to develop Alexa “Skills” but at this point in time I haven’t a clue where to start.

Thoughts anyone ?

Hi @greynomad50, I have never tried Amazon Alexa (not available in my country), but I suppose it can make any HTTP request, is it? So, it should be just call the API for reading a device value, or getting data from a bucket. Then, use the SDK to say the read value.

Have you any esp8266 code examples for reading data from the API ? That would save me time whilst I look at the Amazon Alexa end . Thanks for your help!