Altering Incoming data into bit bucket


I am sending data viz sigfox to my thinger account. I need to scale the values so they represent their true figure.
e.g. I send 33 for a voltage but the actual voltage is 33/10-0.1 = 3.2v. I would like to display this scaled value into the dashboard , now this is just an example I have more convoluted values I need to scale
can I do this with thinger somehow if not do I need to do it via a thirdparty then forward to thinger bit bucket?




Right now is not possible to run any scripts at server instance (I doubt this will change), so yes you need to modify by another device before send values to data bucket.


Hi, I’m looking for the same thing… I discovered that sigfox does not allow any calculation on the Json body, so we need to do it with the host cloud, many other cloud allows you to do it, but I don’t know this portal… maybe you can’t do it In the free account but in upgraded one yes… don’t know… I hope there is a way to do it with thinger… I really like this service.
Following the topic… maybe we get an answer… please let me know if you solve it!


The main difference between paid and free accounts, is the refresh rate and device, buckets and endpoints number, there is no way to run scripts at server side.

They are working on an integration with node red, so I guess by this way it should be possible to use the server maths’s power, I don’t know when it will be released.


The sooner they develop this the better I am pulling my dreads out!


Its re-assuring that someone else is also wanting this solution .
Currently my hard and fast fix was to write a python script that grabbed the most recent message from sigfox backend using their API , modify it in the code on my PC or Raspberry Pi and then forward to a data bucket this works and fixes my issue for the short term.
As its python it can easily run on a raspberry pi and just continuously runs.

Some other companies similar to thinger allow you to do it I have used one before but was way too expensive


I was thinking something similar, as a short term temporal solution

Consulting with a microcontroller the sigfox variables, modifying it and posting to thinger from the microcontroller, not the sigfox device

I don’t know sigfox, but I could connect to thinger from a microcontroller and read JSON data (there is a post about it), I guess to sigfox should be something similar, so that’s why I thought that.