Alert Sensor Alarm

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I would kind of like some way to generate alerts if the temperature of some sensor reaches too high.

Thank you very much

Hi @Guilherme_Ferreira_R, at this moment it is not possible to control this kind of alarms over the console administration. However, you can adjust an alarm inside the device, i.e., call an email endpoint when the temperature is too high. Best!

Thanks for the feedback,

I am using the endpoint as described in the link that you informed me, but the email does not arrive.


unsigned long lastCheck = 0;
void loop () {
thing.handle ();
unsigned long currentTs = millis ();
if (currentTs-lastCheck> = 5 * 60 * 1000) {
lastCheck = currentTs;
if (DS18S20_readCelsius (0)> 20) {
thing.call_endpoint (“high_temp_email”);


Endpoint Identifier = high_temp_email
Endpoint Description = alert email

Endpoint Type = Email
Email Address =
Email subject = ***** ALERT **** Check sensor 01

Send custom body


This is an automatic message.

Check sensor 01.

Best regards

Hello, do you have any suggestions for the correction of this endpoint?