Alarms: Armed home/ Armed away

I am trying to make an alarm system for a home. I want to secure the main door, the garage door, the back yard door,…I want to have 1 device (esp8266) per door to secure. Hence, at the end, my alarm system will have around 7 devices and many sensors. I am planning to have a button (ON/OFF) in the dashboard of each device to enable/disable the alarm.
My questions are:

  1. how can I implement the alarm system’s Armed Home (only some doors will be secured) and Armed Away (all doors will be secured) without going to each device’s dashboard and enabling/disabling the alarm system but have only one ON/OFF button for Armed Home and another for Armed Away in a dashboard?
  2. how can I have 1 dashboard with all devices dashboard inside of it? I am thinking of using the communication between devices of the same account, but I am still confused.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I would set up a ‘master’ device that belongs to both groups and will receive the command, therefore will communicate to others according the case, this could be done by communicating devices, as it receives one instruction, unchain the routine to send it to other devices, here I left you the related documentation → CODING GUIDE - Documentation

You can easily invoke any resource of the same account into the dashboard, any amount of different devices, buckets on the same dashboard, the platform allows it natively, what is the confusion? I left the documentation related to communication between devices already.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for these clarifications. I will try to implement the “master” device solution and post the result/code in this post.