Add_Wifi Error MKR1000



I would like to use the Thinger dashboard for displaying my data.
Before starting my project I thought to start with testing the Example from the library.
But when I press compile I get the following error: ‘class ThingerWifi101’ has no member named 'add_wifi’
Had someone the same error before? Or any idea what it can be. All the other examples for other boards will compile properly.

I used Arduino IDE 1.8.1.



I am having the exact same problem. Any ideas?


Hi, it was a small problem in the Arduino library. I have updated the library, and should be available in a few hours. In the meanwhile, it can be fixed easily by editing ThingerWifi101.h, changing

class ThingerWifi101 : public ThingerWifiClient<>


class ThingerWifi101 : public ThingerWifiClient<WiFiClient>

Hope it helps!


Hi , Thank you for your reply. I will update the library!

Kind Regards,