Accessing device function using QRcode and API for 3rd party app

Hello all,

We have a plan to use QR code (device token) in thinger platform of our controller to be accessed using another 3rd party mobile app. That way, 3rd party mobile app can control and monitor the physical things which connected to our device.
Our plan is: Print the QR code and stick it on the physical things, then scan it using 3rd party mobile app to access functionality (monitor, control, etc).

We know that thingerio has this default functionality, but we have to use access token and refresh token in API command which is limited to 2 hours and 2 months validity.
Is there a way to use device token without validity limitation?
Any clue @alvarolb ?

PS: We already have own thingerio platform v1.5.9 installed in our VPS.

Hi @astonix,

both device tokens and access tokens created in the console does not expire. The only tokens that expire are those generated with the username and password. So, if you are using a device token over QR code, this token will be valid until you remove it in the console. No need to refresh the token.

Hi @alvarolb
Great! thanks for your confirmation.
we will update it later after executing this project.

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Hi @alvarolb,
I’ve tried to use default thingerio android app for experiment. My device actually produce two button On/Off switch. But when i scan QRcode of my device token, it only displays resources, which is On/Off state and cannot shows the On/Off button.
I already changed the server pointing to my own VPS.
Is it a bug of the apps?

Bumping the thread.

Still haven’t any clue.