Access to the historical data

Is there a way to access to historical data and to the history of the raw data exchange between the device and the server ?

Hi! Not a this moment. The dashboard and the API interaction with the device is working in real-time. Therefore, it is not possible at this moment to access to the historical data. We are working on a bucket feature, so the users will be able to store resources data in a similar way they configure the dashboards.

Why do you need the raw data exchange between the device and the server? You can always try to make a logger yourself by slightly modifying the read and write socket functions used for your device, and storing the information in a SD, or in the file system for the ESP8266. But the information is transmitted in binary… so not sure if it will be so useful unless you transcode it to JSON using protoson (

I have been working on a couple of ways to capture data to a spreadsheet to enable periodic review.
Google Script

  • Alvaro and I worked to get the HTTP endpoint to call a Google Script which then processes the JSON data and adds it to a Google Sheet. I’ve had this working since January and it is fast and works great. However, I cannot replicate it with a different script. It’s very touchy and right now I have no idea how to replicate what I have working.
    IFTTT Maker
  • I am trying to use the IFTTT Maker channel to add a row to a Google Sheet. It’s much simpler than using the Google Script and it working OK. However, the lag time from when the Thinger.IO endpoint is called and when it actually adds the new entry to the log is often a long time - like 15 minutes! The delay is on the IFTTT end as I can see the data going through Thinger and the time stamp is correct. This latency is not critical for my application (monotoring when my garage door opens and closes) but is irritating as I’d like to have something I can use for other projects.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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