1500 Devices over mqtt and LoRa

Hello, I am completely new to thinger.io and I´m looking for a strategy to integrate 1500 devices. approx. 750 devices come via LoRa. It’s all window sensors and a few sound sensors.

Approx. 700 devices come via MQTT, mostly heating thermostats and sockets.

Do I have to create a separate bucket for each device?

If so, can I automate the build for MQTT?
With Lora, I think the bucket is automatically created by TheThingsNetwort…

Doing everything by hand would mean a lot of work…

Thanks for a hint!!!

Hi, @flehmann36,

we will be releasing next month a new feature called “Products”, that try to solve such problems at scale, specially for MQTT devices. For example, it will be possible to configure bucket(s) for all the devices of the same type. This is an example for a Shelly Plus 1PM over MQTT:

The data is then stored, using a bucket Tag (device) to differentiate between data sources:

Moreover, it would be possible to define “APIs” for such devices, so, they can be used on regular dashboards. For example, an API for setting on/off the relay:

Then it can be used directly over API/Dashboard:

Just stay tuned…

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