Platform Version 5.1.1


Community Release Date: 24/02/2023


  • Infinity scroll on mobile view.

  • Support for bulk data bucket writes, i.e., [{"ts": 1675360078000, "val1": 0, "val2": 1},{"ts": 1675360088000, "val1":1, "val2":3}]. Only working on private instances at this time.

  • Clock icon display full time when the mouse is over


  • Protocol column now displays the connection security


  • Error/Info messages on mobile view




  • “Never” is shown again when the device has not been connected
  • Resource inspector not opening
  • Minor bugs
  • Bucket import error reporting
  • Plugins logs not working with the latest Docker versions
  • Locks not deleted when Sync is removed


  • Scrollbars on left menu and content are now overlay scrollbars with auto hide.

  • Action buttons are now displayed on the left on desktop view.


  • Resource ID is also displayed on mobile view

  • Set Type, Set Group, and Set Projects do not require a list refresh.


Updates on the Thinger Server started off great in 2023!!!
The Console User Experience was already good. Now, it’s much better!
Thank you Team Thinger!

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@rin67630 , @Tom_Whiting and @JoseSalamancaCoy , this update will come with many new features and improvements!!!

The possibility of sending historical data (eg some temperature measurements collected during 20 minutes) with a single uplink opens up new horizons for device development.
Thanks @rin67630 for the suggestion (Is there any way to send data stored offline to - #10 by rin67630)
Thank you Team Thinger

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@alvarolb The dashboards have the disproportionate Thinger logo. Was this on purpose? Will they leave it like that? Will they leave it like this?

1/3 of the cell phone screen is the logo :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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No! This is not intentional! Is this over a brand? or just the raw thinger domain?

I have no problem with you showing your logo, you are the ones who have built the Thinger tools. However, it seems disproportionate to me, more importance is given to the logo than to the information displayed on the boards.

Since they had it before the update it seems to me that it was fine!

It should appear, but it should not be this big.

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Yes, the logo occupies a third of the screen, can you solve it? thank you so much


Mejoró todo ! excepto el tamaño del logo, tanto en vista escritorio como móvil… se podrá poner como antes? @alvarolb @JorgeTrincado

another detail
In a dashboard, in the “Image/MJPEG” widget, any image that we insert in the box is no longer centered, now it is attached to the left margin.
Fix please! thank you so much

Both issues are solved in the 5.1.8 version that will be released today!

Thanks for the reports! :smile:

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Gracias Alvaro !
Un abrazo

The new version has been released! It should fix the mentioned issues, and some others too.


Very good!!!
Thinger evolving more and more!!! “To infinity and beyond”!
This fix:

“[5.1.7] 06-03-2023
Computed data transmission for current and past days”

Was it to fix this issue?:

In my dashboard (version 5.1.9), the first graph still shows the totality of bytes sent and received. I think this can cause confusion for the user.


No, the one you have reported is a different one.

The 5.1.7 version introduced fixes on the following chart (in addition to providing more details).


Very good! Now we have important information about the specific functioning of a device.
Thank Very Much!