Platform Version 3.2.0

Date: 29/07/2021
Component: Cloud Platform
Release Note: This release is focused on providing a better user experience with projects and members. So, si now better suited for B2B2C IoT projects.

Additional Information

[3.2.0] - 2021-07-29


  • Configurable default project for members after login

  • Configurable dashboard for each project, shown by default after the member login


  • Console interface adapts to member permissions, hiding non-available actions or sections.

  • Accounts management now allows changing per-user account limits (dashboards, devices, etc.)

  • Configurable Bucket data retention policy per-user account and default setting.

  • Impersonate functionality to manage other accounts easily from admin role

  • Websocket support for IOTMP and MQTT devices

  • Support for selecting timestamp as field from bucket data

  • Dashboard background now supports HTML color, i.e., #aabbcc instead of an url image


  • Keep menu and sub-menu items as “active” respecting the hierarchy
  • Refactored bucket layout section with different sections grouped by functionality
  • Hide project column when there is some project selected in the console
  • Hide “ugly” resource names when navigating on resources inside a project, i.e., user.device
  • Increased keep alive tolerance for better device connection stability
  • Disable close project button for members


  • Apex Charts color contrast in title, subtitle, and axis labels
  • Device creation error when switching from Generic to HTTP after filling some fields
  • Bucket download links for community buckets exported to S3
  • Disable internal database creations for members
  • Bucket export state when export fails
  • DB error while updating a device without stats
  • Invalid property update event when modified from dashboard slider (or PATCH REST API)
  • Disable property creation when parent resource does not exists

Love it, I was bothered by the background color and the automatic timestamp selection, but now I am very happy

How do I update my private instance?

Hi, @alvarolb, amazing job! is getting better every day… I was wondering if you can take in consideration to develepe a few more things like:

  • Selecting and moving (maybe making a group) different widgets all together, so you can clone them in group and move it easly.
  • Better web visualization from mobile, or maybe we can create a mobile version of dashboard, from app or even directly from the web version, but to use from mobile) would be perfect.

Let me know if there are news about this.

Best regards

Better web visualization from mobile,

You always have the option to look at from a browser.
I use just that on my phone.

I also use the browser on my smartphone to access the dashboards, but they are some glitches, such as:
There is no animation for the on/off state widget on the smartphone when I set the switch style to “push-button”, so I don’t know whether I click the button or not when I touch my screen.

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This version will be automatically updated today to all private & community instances.

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Hi @sistralsrl and @alvarolb :
This project would be very interesting. Currently viewing on mobile gives problems

  • Better web visualization from mobile, or maybe we can create a mobile version of dashboard, from app or even directly from the web version, but to use from mobile) would be perfect.

Congratulations, @alvarolb, on the constant evolution of the platform.

I have identified that date can be selected as a source. As pointed out in this post. Very good. I haven’t been able to get it to work yet, but I’ll keep trying.

I take this opportunity to reinforce this suggestion of implementation of informing the date of the data in the bucket, as it is very important for the final consumer to know when the information was produced (last value in bucket when enabling “Show Update”). It is also useful to identify if the device/sensor has stopped sending data to the platform (bucket). Or if something went wrong.
Without this information, the user will think the information is current.