Need Help with new Logo

Hi Community!!

We are preparing a new webhome and a new brand that will arrive quite soon :sunglasses:

At this moment we have some doubts about our new logo and want to let our community to participate in the final decision. So, here are the candidates for the new logo!

You can select up to 2 logos (numbered in red in the image)

  • Logo #1
  • Logo #2
  • Logo #3
  • Logo #4

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Thanks for your help!! :slight_smile:

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Logo 2 and 4 are too close to Balena Etcher The cube is too common.and is overused in many brands.
Logo 1 is OK, Logo 3 would be better in lowercase (which is the markup for internet addresses).


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Thanks for your feedback @rin67630. We think we will choose logo #1 :wink: