[HELP] ESP8266 Can't Connect To Thinger.io


Hey alvarolb!

i was very stupid! :smiley: now i understand! Its perfect. I just add the Line
and get the access to my Unbuntu server.
at the weekend i testet it successfully and now bought your RASPBERRY Image to use the Server on RASPI

Thank you for all :slight_smile:


i have the same problem! my esp8266 never Connect to Thinger.io
my device id and username and device credentials is correct.
here is my device DEBUG output


Are you working with cloud server or local server?

I recommend you to delete the device and create it again, taking care of the uppercase and/or lowercase of device and credential fields, and test with the example sketch just modifying this fields with previous established.


Thank u for your reply.
I’m working with cloud server.
I deleted the device and create it again & testet with the example but didn’t work.


Make sure that your username, device id, and credentials on firmware you are written is the same as in the cloud.


I was having the same issue and I was only able to authenticate by disabling TLS: https://thinger.io/securing-the-internet-of-things-adding-ssltls-support-for-the-esp8266/

#define _DISABLE_TLS_

I wonder was there a change in how code is configured to talk to the endpoint?