Events and actions



When will be deployed the event, actions (rule engine) in the main dashboard, next month?
if the value > 350º then set the relay = 1
i know about node and ifttt but i ask from



That instruction can be easily applied at device’s code:

if (value > 350) digitalWrite(relayPin, HIGH);



Thats not what im asking for. I mean create complex events via email, SMS, or Telegram based on your sensor data.



I’m sorry for answer what you actually ask and not what you wanted to ask… I’m working on my paranormal hability.

The plaftorm can send emails, I suggest you start reading the documentation or even do a simple search in the forum, to avoid another wrong answer caused by our weak paranormal hability :wink:

The other two requests can be solved out of thinger, with a GSM shield and a Telegram client, here there are some usefull instructions how to start dealing with it