ESP8266 with Arduino IDE


Hi @kosi96, the server will not respond to ping… there is a firewall there blocking ping requests. Regarding your log… are you using the default example for NodeMCU, or just using an ESP8266 with AT commands? This log is not the default log reported by Arduino libraries enabling the debug. Can you share your sketch? Best.


Oh, thanks for the explanation. I’ve tried quite a few different sketch with no success. This is the most basic one for ESP8266 right?

Sorry for late replay, I didn’t have my PC with me during the weekend.



yes, this is a basic example for the ESP8266. Please, enable the debug there, by adding the following sentence to the top of the file:

#define _DEBUG_

Then open the serial monitor to see what is happening there.


I did and got the same reply as the first picture I’ve posted. I have followed this link for debugging the ESP8266