ESP8266 & ESP32 VSCode OTA Support

I have already used this service from Visual Studio Code, I have a private instance. But now it seems that it has stopped working, it is not listing the devices, the token is the same that I have used in the past.

Can anybody help me?

It is a problem related with latest VS Code Studio in Windows:

This does not look good, RIGHT NOW IT BRINGS ME A LOT OF PROBLMES !! The dependency on Visual Studio Code does not make it scalable and if vulnerable to third parties. Perhaps documentation on the OTA update process with will help to implement a solution via REST API (Not everything has to be done by you), with this I would think about sending updates to my fleet of devices and not depending on third parties like Visual Studio Code.

It is out of our hand. You can switch back to previous VSCode version (it is mentioned in this topic); you can test any of the workarounds mentioned; or even, you can try it on Linux where it works perfectly.

We are working on other OTA processes for fleets of devices, but it will take some time.

I had the same issue, had to install linux, not the best and comfortable exit, but it works again.

As you have a private instance, there is a VSCode plugin that runs into the instance, it worth a try if you have a lot of problems.

Hope this helps.

Gracias @alvarolb y @ega, ya estoy instalando maquina virtual… :sleepy:

The workaround mentioned on the github topic worked for me. All of my devices were listed after changing this setting…

"As a workaround, it seems to work if the user sets this option in user settings in VSCode"
"http.systemCertificates": false,


Loving this OTA option :heart_eyes:, and it has at last forced me to swap over from using Arduino IDE to using VSC and Platformio, I wasn’t aware what I was missing :smiley:. Thank you @alvarolb

I am really looking forward to any news about the OTA for fleet updates.


It worked for me too!!

When I had the issue it had not been published this solution, thanks a lot @MarkAustin902

We are looking forward to updating the Arduino-Thinger library, in particular “ThingerWebConfig.h” so that the TSL/SSL bug can be fixed and make it possible to use the OTA functionality.
:pray: :pray: :pray:

If “ThingerWebConfig.h” and “WiFiManager” work on ESP32 in the year 2021, it would be spectacular.

:pleading_face: thanks, it worked for me too.

I faced a lot of troubles to enable OTA with ESP8266 and ESP32, disabling the http.systemCertificates" worked for me ! I love this feature.

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Hi - VSCode/Platformio Extension seems like a great solution for OTA deployments. Worked fine in a simple set up but I have an platformio.ini set up with multiple environments and the extension builds all of them! It would be good to set up an env section specific to the ThingerOTA and only build that one. Would it be possible to add a setting, or option to select which env is built and uploaded?