Error connecting to when using ThingerWebConfig


When I use the ThingerWebConfig or ThingerSmartConfig libraries, my NodeMCU refuses to connect to the Thinger servers. I am running the basic example code for both libraries. Output with debugging on:

22:13:56.862 -> [_CONFIG] Mounting FS...
22:13:56.896 -> [_CONFIG] FS Mounted!
22:13:56.896 -> [_CONFIG] Opening Config File...
22:13:56.896 -> [_CONFIG] Config File is Open!
22:13:56.896 -> [_CONFIG] Config File Decoded!
22:13:56.896 -> [_CONFIG] User: *****
22:13:56.896 -> [_CONFIG] Device: *****
22:13:56.896 -> [_CONFIG] Credential: *****
22:13:56.930 -> [_CONFIG] Connecting using previous configuration...
22:13:56.930 -> [NETWORK] Connecting to network *****
22:13:57.438 -> [NETWORK] Connected!
22:13:57.438 -> [_SOCKET] Connecting to
22:13:57.471 -> [_SOCKET] Using secure TLS/SSL connection: yes
22:13:57.845 -> [_SOCKET] Error while connecting!

This does not happen when I use the basic thinger object and hardcode my credentials into the code.
Why does this happen?

I am having the same situation, using ESP8266 with webconfig example.
The ESP8266 able to connect to wifi, however the device is still disconnected.
Any help?

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Hy Guys,

Can you specify the Thinger, WiFimanager and ESP8266 libraries revision that are being used? IT should be any compatibility problem with the newest version of wifimanager but not pretty sure


Thank you for your fast reply. 2.13.0
WifiManager 0.15.0
ESP8266 board 2.7.1
Thank you.


Same settings here :slight_smile:

OK, I’m working without problems using: 2.13.0
WiFiManager 0.14.0
ESP8266 2.5

It will probably works with WiFI 0.15, but I think that the main problem is with ESP new versions… arduino libraries have not been updated for a long time… even though they are Open Source, but it appears that there are not to many contributors who are encouraged to modify them XD

During the last months the development team has been focused on the deployment of a new server infrastructure, that was released yesterday. Maybe now they can find some time to fix these kind of problems, so stay tuned

Thank you. Noted about it. 2.13.0
WiFiManager 0.14.0
ESP8266 2.5
doesnt work with me.

I can ping to the esp8266 through the router but the thinger web device is not connected.

can you provide the DEBUG traze? Have you tried opening the page manually by accessing the IP?

Sorry, I try fo find my spare time. How to do Debug Trace?

You only have to place #define _DEBUG_ in the first line of your sketch, and ofcourse open a serial port communication to print the traze -->


I use webconfig, added the DEBUG and Serial.begin, but now the Thinger-Device access point ask for password. What password do I use?

Please take a look at the example documentation above:

    Steps for getting the ESP8266 WebConfig working:
    1. Connect to Thinger-Device WiFi with your computer or phone, using "" as WiFi password
    2. Wait for the configuration window, or navigate to if it does not appear
    3. Configure the wifi where the ESP8266 will be connected, and your device credentials
    4. Your device should be now connected to the platform.
    More details at

Does this mean that I have to downgrade my setup in order to use ThingerWebConfig?

at least until the libraries become updated, yes. Although I don’t think you’ll lose any functionality.

As I hope you will understand it is difficult for a small team to keep 100% of the integration libraries always updated. However, as the library is completely Open Source and there are more than 50,000 freemium users from all over the world working with it, maybe a skilled programmer will be encouraged to contribute the community by performing the update and sending a pull request to the library repository.


Of course, it’s perfectly understandable :smile:

Thanks for the advice; I may look into it in due time.