Can't control LED example with app


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That’s weird, if you can control it by dashboard, should control it by app with no issue.

Try to download previous thinger io app, the one that makes graphics is the last version, previous one is more basic.


Well I’ve been just told from the developers that there will be an update soon for the iOS app as it has this bug…


So… I think you have to switch to Android… I don’t see any further solution…

Just kidding, it’s a good symptom that they already know and are working on that.

Honestly, I have not worked with the IOS application, and I do not know if there is a previous version of the device application, but I would try to find it and try it, meanwhile they solve the current problem.


Well it is not a top priority :wink:

And heard that customized widgets will be coming as well…something like a thermometer or any other vertical bar display would be nice.

Still getting into the platform with some esp32 devkits.

Sadly there isn’t any library for PyWi modules…