Cannot update the device property from a dashboard

I was able to change the values on a device property through the slider widget on a dashboard, but this function seems to stop working since late July. Now I can change the value manually through the Devices/Properties page, but changing the values on the sliders will not update the device property any longer?
Is there any solution to this issue? @alvarolb

Yes @Hans_Wu, today I am releasing an update with the fix! Sorry for the inconvenience in the meanwhile.

Hi again @Hans_Wu. I have tested it with curren server version (3.2.2), and this use case seems to be working. Can you please test clearing your browser cache and reloading the console?

Hi, I’ve cleared the cookie and browser cache, but it still doesn’t work on my instance yet.

Hi @Hans_Wu, can you please open Developers Tools on Chrome and show me the result of the requests when moving the slider? For example:

I think it was 400 error

Can you show me the Headers section? Thanks

OK! Received! Wait a little for the update… will keep you updated.

Server was updated @Hans_Wu, if you can confirm it is working now… More details about the release here:

No, it still does not work here with the 400 error.
I’ve already clear the cache.

Fixed on 3.3.2 server version.