C# thinger.io client


yeah, agree… means when you’re making up third party methods to access, you don’t have to have code to modify the url between a get and a set if that makes sense… thanks for confirming.


Hi All, the topic seems exactly what I’m after but when I read the contents - I’m not sure :). I’ve used Thinger in many home projects - has been very stable. Now I’m writing on a small c# software and I need the Thinger Client. I didn’t want to create a new post since title is perfectly matching.

I would like to be able to use the Thinger Client in C# the same way I would use it in https://github.com/thinger-io/Linux-Client. If I run this software on 10 computers there should be 10 devices registered on the cloud. Then I would be able to send/retrieve some information to these software. Maybe there are better ways to do it but since Thinger is here with Client and Server sides - why not.

Good thing about thinger is that you dont need to setup the variables in the cloud.

If any body can point me in the right direction - I will be great-full.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi all, I end-up using MQTT.
Thank you