API connection issue


I have a project to get data from Thinger.io through API by https, It used to work perfectly before. But, it is not working now after the recent update on the Thinger.io platform. We are using Unity to communicate with v1 API. The function in Unity we use is “UnityWebRequest” which returned “Unknown Error”. It seems that the API responding format is changed from JSON to original text. Please help to suggest the way to solve this problem.

Many Thanks.

Hi @Anthony, is it related with the other post? or is it another issue? Would like to know what are you doing with Unity + Thinger.io :slight_smile: Can you provide mor details?

Hi Alvarolb, it is related to other post that you had replied. Since API format updated, my original code in Unity is outdated. But, I changed it as V2 API according to your suggestion in other post. It works now. Many Thanks for your help.

Hola, como hiciste para desde unity conectarte con Thinger.io?
porque no encuentro como hacer.